5 Mistakes You’ll Make Your First Year In Los Angeles

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It’s your first year in Los Angeles and you’re determined to make it a good one. Welcome. Bienvenidos. We certainly hope you can stay for a while. You’ll just have to get over these 5 mistakes that you’re sure to make upon your entrance into La La Land.

1. Thinking you are going to “make it” during your first year.

That’s funny. For some reason you thought all you had to do was show up in Hollywood and you’d be discovered and end up in some big-time movie. When it doesn’t happen during your first year, you might find yourself crying at night wondering what happened to your dreams. I read somewhere that an overnight success takes 10 years to happen. If you are going to cry because you haven’t achieved every dream after just one year, get your tissues out because you’re in for a long ride.

2. Doubting why you moved to Los Angeles.

You came to Los Angeles with a specific purpose and when life happens, which means all the ups and downs that come with being a human and dealing with people and evolving as a person you’ll begin to doubt why you moved here and maybe even why you exist. Sometimes I felt that I wanted to know why I was even alive if I couldn’t meet my goals and why even have a goal and work for it if nothing would ever come of it.

The truth is, moving to LA is really a big step in its own and by the mere fact that you arrived here you’ve jumpstarted your dream. Don’t doubt yourself. You made the right decision. Keep going.

3. Getting involved with the PARTY crowd.

If you are lucky enough to make friends you may become unlucky enough to meet the wrong ones who will pull you into the party lifestyle. It can be very lonely in LA and as a result, you may seek a group of friends who are not your usual crowd. There is a crowd in Los Angeles who will welcome you with open arms, and drugs, all the drugs you can imagine.  One night of partying will turn into a week and before you know it you know it you will be looking at yourself in the mirror and wondering what happened.

4. Getting your weed card.

You’ve heard all about how California has made marijuana legal and the first time you visit Venice Beach you’ll see the little shops set up and the people standing outside wearing green scrubs and they’ll wave you in to see the weed doctor. For about 40 bucks you too can have a card that allows you to smoke as much mary jane as you ever wanted and here’s the kicker- you can’t get arrested!

What magic! What wonder! What awesomeness!

The only downside to the little magic high card is the fact that too much of anything is detrimental to your well-being and too many puffs of the good Cali Kush will leave you lazy, tired, fat and unmotivated. Don’t get your weed card, at least until you’ve accomplished a few of your small goals.

5. Having a DIVA attitude.

You’re the best of the best. Your old drama coach told you. Every one at your high school used to think so. You used to stop traffic with your good looks back in Anytown, USA. You just know when you get here you will be surrounded by admirers and no one will be able to stop your shine. You believe your own hype and for good reason; you are talented. But, having a DIVA attitude in a town where everyone is equally talented will only kill your chances at ever being chosen to stand among the best.

Talent is important, but more important is a good attitude. Casting directors and producers want to work with people who are humble and can follow directions. If you think you know better than everyone else, you can prove it by being all by yourself.

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