Big News in Los Angeles County

Do you have an Exceptional Mind? Would you like to attend a state of the art digital arts school nestled comfortably in Sherman Oaks, California just minutes away from Hollywood? At Exceptional Minds students learn the skills necessary to create … Read more

Gay Pastor Curt Thomas Renewed Church of Los Angeles

Pastor Curt Thomas leads The Renewed Church of Los Angeles.

After being forced out of a church because they found out that he was gay, Pastor Curt Thomas decided that it was time to build his own dream. Thomas, who … Read more

The hike to the Hollywood Sign is a rite of passage for new LA transplants. If you haven’t had a chance to do it yet, it seems like you won’t be able to get as close as you would have … Read more

When California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris released her report on¬†Transnational Organized Crime, we didn’t expect to read that “more narcotics, weapons and humans are trafficked in and out of California than any other state.”

This new report, Gangs Read more