Know It All in Los Angeles County

[box] Did you have an acting experience prior to getting your first acting gig as a background actor on the tv show THE EXES?[/box]

Hey there!

Absolutely not! I had no experience whatsoever before booking my first background acting gig. … Read more

[box] Is LA a good place to live? do you love it so far?[/box]

I say it all the time- I LOVE LIVING IN LOS ANGELES!

I love living here despite the fact that I do not have a permanent … Read more

[box] Is there any shelters for people who don’t have a place to stay? How does that work ? Are there places people can stay if they don’t have a place to live?[/box]

If you are considering moving to LA … Read more

[box] Since you moved to Los Angeles with less than $200, Was it hard to find a place to stay? [/box]

It’s always a gamble when you are looking for a place to live with limited funds but I have … Read more

[box] My partner and I are planning a move to LA next summer from Chicago. We’ve been having difficulty locating a list of the most diverse neighborhoods. While on our search we’ve been using the LA Times Neighborhood Map and … Read more