LA State of Mind in Los Angeles County

Before I moved to Los Angeles I asked as many people as I could what the people in Los Angeles were like. One person stood out to me as she warned, “When people say they are going to do something … Read more

While many of the 58 counties in the state of California sadly proclaim unemployment rates of 10% or higher, Los Angeles county has missed that mark, coming in with a 9% unemployment rate in January 2014¬†according to the US … Read more

Los Angeles is an interesting place filled with smiling faces and beautiful people. Because of the star shine surrounding this city, the sparkles of dust have landed on everyone giving them all an extra special glow.

In fact, there has … Read more

In Los Angeles Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers are like blue jeans, everyone has a pair. Whether they are custom made or the tuxedo version of black and white, if you want to be cool and casual just throw on a … Read more