Moving Stage in Los Angeles County

When you’re preparing to move to Los Angeles the best thing you can do is find a roommate before you arrive which is tough to do since you may not know which part of the city to move to or … Read more



If you have a car, you should definitely drive but with gas prices this may be costly. But, consider the fact that you would pay someone at least a thousand dollars to ship your car for you so it … Read more

If you’re moving to Los Angeles and you need a temporary place to stay you can try these tips for finding temporary housing:

1) Join online social groups for the area you want to move to and start befriending people. … Read more

I can’t guarantee rates or anything but I do know:

You should book your flight before June because the rates to Los Angeles will rise

You should book your flight at least 6 weeks in advance

Call the airline directly, Read more

It’s really up to you when you decide to move to a new city according to your budget and resources. The best time to move to Los Angeles is during the winter months because during the summer months the hotel … Read more