The Perks in Los Angeles County

Of all of the cities in all of the world, Los Angeles was just named the top city for freelance workers. In a report delivered by Zen 99, who based their findings on insurance rates for individuals, cost of living, … Read more

Held every year at the Los Angeles Convention center the Los Angeles Women’s Expo is one of my favorite events of the year!

Hundreds of vendors gather to showcase their wares and offer demonstrations to thousands of women who come … Read more

When you move to Los Angeles you’ll be busy adjusting to the diversity, the weather and the way people look here. The last thing on your mind will be what the police officers look like until you happen to run … Read more

One of the best reasons we love living in Los Angeles is the access to diversity and culture rich activities. While keeping in mind that Los Angeles has dozens of museums to nurture your intellect they come with a surprise: … Read more