LA Power Players in Los Angeles County

Are you planning to move to Los Angeles? You’re not the only one. Los Angeles is a dream destination for thousands of people globally who watch as the world shines a spotlight on our city. They want to experience the … Read more

Aqeela Sherrills - Community Activist

Aqeela Sherrills – Community Activist

Step inside the 3 Worlds Café in South Central Los Angeles and you might find Aqeela Sherrills pecking away at his laptop, a sly grin on his face, as he sips on a latte he … Read more

Elizabeth An, Owner- The Crustacean Beverly Hills

Elizabeth An, Owner- The Crustacean Beverly Hills

Elizabeth An may look like a 20-something party girl who just stepped off the runway but she’s secretly a beast in business. Fueled by an insatiable passion for creative and business growth, behind … Read more

Moj Mahdara LOs Angeles Power Player

Moj Mahdara of Made With Elastic

Moj Mahdara represents how infectious the spirit of Los Angeles can be. For many who make the trek to L.A. the bright lights and sprawling landscape are paralyzing. For others, the few, the elite, … Read more

Paul Hibler - Culinary Visionary

Paul Hibler – Culinary Visionary

Paul Hibler’s last name should be ‘Cocina’ since he’s been cooking up a big, steamy pot of success since he was 13 years old.  He now owns 11 restaurants in Los Angeles County, building upon … Read more