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I just happened to be walking down 7th Street on my way to Target to pick up some detergent when I saw a woman having her eyebrows threaded through a big window in a shop called KSA Threading. I immediately … Read more

Psychic Jude Santa Monica Pier

While out on a date this past Friday evening, I strolled past Psychic Jude on the Santa Monica Pier. I love psychics and believe wholeheartedly in the ability to hear, see and feel information that is not gleaned through natural … Read more

We will spare you the fancy words and catchy sentences that would usually fill this space. Save time and money by using the ride share application called Lyft. Uber is more expensive- hands down.

My experience with Lyft drivers has … Read more

You don’t just smoke pot, apparently you eat it. Well, that’s what famed Chef Roy Choi wants you to do at his new eatery Pot Lobby Bar located in Koreatown’s Line Hotel on Wilshire and Normandie. If you managed to … Read more

A quick hop and a skip and you’re in Venice headed to check out a new restaurant opening engineered by the mastermind behind 11 of the most successful restaurants in Los Angeles- Paul Hibler. His newest venture located at 1900 … Read more