attitude in Los Angeles County

[box] Is LA a good place to live? do you love it so far?[/box]

I say it all the time- I LOVE LIVING IN LOS ANGELES!

I love living here despite the fact that I do not have a permanent … Read more

Before I moved to Los Angeles I asked as many people as I could what the people in Los Angeles were like. One person stood out to me as she warned, “When people say they are going to do something … Read more

If you’re wondering what moving to moving to LA is going to be like, I’ll tell you. Moving to LA is like going to a new high school. It’s just like your old high school but with better food and … Read more

While many of the 58 counties in the state of California sadly proclaim unemployment rates of 10% or higher, Los Angeles county has missed that mark, coming in with a 9% unemployment rate in January 2014¬†according to the US … Read more

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