emotions in Los Angeles County

[box] I have been in LA for a year and I still haven’t made any real friends. I know people, but not any real friends. What is going on? I’m a bit lonely. What do I do?[/box]


This is … Read more

Moving to Los Angeles

[box] What if I get to LA and end up having to go home because I can’t find a job or I end up homeless or something?[/box]

Those are both very realistic scenarios that could happen to you when you … Read more

I’ve looked around. I’ve asked questions. I’ve listened to many stories.

After hearing the umpteenth person complain about life in Los Angeles I have finally figured it out. There is one common denominator that determines WHY someone would hate Los … Read more

1. Be willing to be your own best friend.

Los Angeles County has nearly 10 million people in it. It seems as though it will be easy to meet people to connect with but it is not. At some point, … Read more

Whether you’re from Japan or Northern California, once you move to Los Angeles the differences you’ll notice here may send your brain into overload.

It’s okay. You moved away from your former location because you wanted things to be different…right? … Read more

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