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Mark Williams better known as Mystic Got Jokes

Mark Williams better known as Mystic Got Jokes

With more than 1.1 million subscribers to his Youtube channel Mark Williams better known as Mystic of Mystic Got Jokes has officially leapt off into oblivion as a certified Youtube star.  … Read more

In its third year celebrating the creativity of the short film industry MiniCinema.TV continues to showcase the season’s brightest short film makers with a collection of 4 independent films screened in front of a packed audience at L.A. Live’s Regal … Read more

Ruel Smith is an animator, director and writer in Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and has created his own movement to bring awareness to the short film genre by showcasing the best short films during … Read more

Chrissy Carpenter moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania and created a brand name for herself as a radio host and actress. Listen to what she says makes all the difference between finding success in Los Angeles and falling by the … Read more

Say hello to my little friend.

We will ALL be saying hello to Tony Montana as the Hollywood Reporter shares that the 1983 film is being re written by Jonathan Herman, the screen writer responsible for Straight Outta Compton. The … Read more

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