Moving to LA Stories in Los Angeles County

Taylor Weeks is a Detroit girl at the heart making her way in Los Angeles. Although she admits that everything in Los Angeles is completely different, she says she has learned a lot from being here. Moving to Los Angeles … Read more

London Moore moved to Los Angeles from San Diego after beginning a fruitful career in fashion marketing. Soon after arriving in Los Angeles, the tables have turned and he now enjoys success as an event coordinator with his own company, … Read more

Haley has beauty, brains and the skills to succeed in Los Angeles. After moving to Los Angeles from Arizona two years ago with her husband, they both set their sights on the big piece of pie in the sky and … Read more

Ruel Smith is an animator, director and writer in Los Angeles. He moved to Los Angeles 10 years ago and has created his own movement to bring awareness to the short film genre by showcasing the best short films during … Read more

Chrissy Carpenter moved to Los Angeles from Pennsylvania and created a brand name for herself as a radio host and actress. Listen to what she says makes all the difference between finding success in Los Angeles and falling by the … Read more

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