LA State of Mind in Los Angeles County

Greetings Fellow Introverts and Nanu Nanu. Although most days we may feel as though we are not from this planet due to the expectation that we must enjoy socializing or something must be wrong with us, in Los Angeles … Read more

People in Los Angeles hate/loathe/are disgusted by the Los Angeles Police department. I have never seen so much angst and contempt for a group in my life.

It’s not just a song that you’ve heard back in the day-

It’s … Read more

Dive into the mind of a typical Los Angeles resident and you will find, somewhere hidden behind the checklist for best taco trucks, an unwritten and unspoken rule that must be obeyed.

Thou shall never, EVER drink the tap water.Read more


Skid Row Homeless Interview Los Angeles 2Downtown Los Angeles is changing. It’s growing up and so are its residents. Once dilapidated buildings are being renovated to make room for stylish loft apartments while trendy food trucks are expanding and opening up their first brick and … Read more

Los Angeles Traffic Rules

Don’t even THINK about stepping a toe off of the curb until the light says WALK.

One of the things that amazed me about the people in Los Angeles is the fact that they are so obedient to traffic signals. … Read more