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Moving To Los Angeles T Shirt



All proceeds of this sale, will go towards funding The Rebuild Your Life Project Grant!




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One glimpse of the Torosian family and you’ll probably assume that they are the perfect model for the American dream. You are correct. Robert and Marina Torosian along with their two sons Gregory and Jack are the smiling faces you’ll … Read more

Steak Frites West Hollywood DoorWhen I received the invitation to sample the cuisine at  L’Assiette Steak Frites located at 7166 Melrose Avenue for dinner as a guest of the LA BEAT, I was intrigued by the offer. Nestled in West Hollywood,  the neighborhood is … Read more

People in Los Angeles hate/loathe/are disgusted by the Los Angeles Police department. I have never seen so much angst and contempt for a group in my life.

It’s not just a song that you’ve heard back in the day-

It’s … Read more

New Kids Walk of Fame Hollywood

The New Kids on the Block being honored by Hollywood in 2014. Joey, Jordan, Jon, Donnie and Danny.

Yesterday the most awesome group EVER received their star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and MTLA was in the midst of … Read more